TWiT with Leo Laporte Super Bowl Talk with Dvorak, Sexting and Junk Journalism

On this week’s TWiT with Leo Laporte, Super Bowl talk and our John C. Dvorak take center field and refuse to yield.

On This Week in Tech — TWiT with Leo Laporte – Super Bowl talk rears its hear. And for good reason. On this week’s episode, our co-founder John C. Dvorak eloquently argues why quarterbacks should act more like relief pitchers.

It’s a tech show, but the west coast spread, apparently, is just a bit more key. In addition to Leo Laporte and John C. Dvorak, Mike Elgan and Larry Magid also join up for the show. They also discuss issues with tech journalism and editorial independence, sexting and whether we’re at the end of the era.

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Larry Magid, our Mike Elgan, and our ever intrepid John C. Dvorak.

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For more show notes, visit the wiki page for this episode. TWiT with Leo Laporte Super Bowl Talk, plus what’s up with all this junk journalism you see lately? Also, the guys talk about sexting … watch the show to see why.

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