Paul Ryan Is Okay With A Racist President, So Long As He’s Right On Policy

Paul Ryan Donald Trump Jefferson Davis
Written by Tom Ewing

So Paul Ryan denounces Donald Trump’s comments as “racist,” but still supports him for policy reasons. Tom Ewing has two words for that: Jefferson Davis.

aNewDomain – Donald Trump’s remark that the judge presiding over a lawsuit regarding Trump was biased due to his Mexican heritage is the “the textbook definition of a racist comment,” US House Speaker Paul Ryan said today.

Ryan disavowed the comment and said he wouldn’t defend it. Yet he still is supporting the controversial former reality TV host and presumptive Republican nominee because he supports Trump’s policy agenda. “Do I think Hillary Clinton is the answer?” asked Ryan. “No, I do not …we have more likelihood of getting our policies enacted with (Trump) than with (Clinton).”

What Ryan is really saying is that a racist president is acceptable, provided that said president embraces the party agenda.

The white supremacists and so-called “nationalists” who’ve been rallying around Trump must love this.

That leaves the rest of us to ponder the inevitable conclusion here: That policy agendas trump even racism in the eyes of Ryan and, presumably, all other Republicans who maintain support for Trump even after such unbelievably bigoted commentary.

You know, American history is littered with racists who would presumably be delighted to advance the policy agenda of the American conservative party — if only they could have another chance.

Take former Confederate president Jefferson Davis.

Pity he’s been dead for over 125 years, because a Pres. Davis would offer Ryan’s party all the executive and military experience Trump lacks. A West Point grad who commanded an infantry regiment in the Mexican American war, Davis was the Confederate present for fully four years, a US Senator and a US House representative. And like Trump, there’s a history of business success — if you call owning a slave-labor cotton plantation business success.

Goodness, Davis’ first-hand experience fighting Mexicans and ruling Africans should make him the ideal conservative candidate.

And Ryan would be sure to appreciate Davis policy-wise. He’s a man who’d be unlikely to oppose any conservative measure.

No one’s too racist for Ryan so long as he’s squared up on the policy issues.

Ryan assumes, I guess, that he’ll have some influence over “God-Emperor Trump” — as many among Trump’s white racist fanbase calls him — once Trump’s installed as president.

Not bloody likely.

Later in the afternoon, Trump published a statement that denied his comments were racist, saying his remarks that Judge Gonzalo Curiel would not give his Trump University case a fair trial due to Trump’s “plans to build a wall” between the US and Mexico just were “misconstrued.”

Unfortunately, Trump didn’t say whether another thing he said was so misconstrued: that he also could not suffer a judge of Muslim heritage, given his proposed ban of Muslims entering the US.

Want to judge Donald J. Trump? You’d better be a white male.

Want to be a racist and have Paul Ryan support you?

Easy. Just meet his policy test.

For aNewDomain, I’m Tom Ewing.


Cover photo of Paul Ryan:, All Rights Reserved; Image of Jefferson Davis: via the Brady National Photographic Art Gallery, Public Domain, courtesy Wikimedia Commons