Trump Polls High with Children

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Written by Frank Visa

Donald Trump polls high with children. They like his hair and money. Children can’t vote, but they can certainly whine until they change a vote. SkewedNews.

aNewDomain/SkewedNews — Donald Trump’s rise in the polls of the presidential race is nothing short of astounding. Especially because the 69-year-old businessman has no political background. But that’s exactly what is attracting huge groups of the Republican Party to his comb-over banner.

In only six weeks Trumps moved from near zero in the polls to a whopping 24 percent.

According to a Fox poll out today, the male Republican demographic moved from four percent in support of Trump in June to 24 percent today. Women are on an even-higher trajectory.

But a more astounding number is the support Trump has garnered among middle class white children who are unsatisfied with the political rhetoric of the other candidates. Yes, middle class white children have political views. That was uncovered in the poll as well.

Children for Trump

Jimmy Griffin, a fifth grader from P.S. 208 in Brooklyn, New York, agrees with Trump on immigration. Griffin said:

We have Mexican immigrants in our class. They’re dirty and smelly and some, I assume, are good people.”

trump polls playground childrenThe interviews were conducted during recess, and it was clear Griffin wasn’t the only kid on the Trump wagon.

“There are too many of them,” a classmate added, sucking his juice box dry. “And when they don’t understand the teachers they ask too many dumb questions. I’m sick of them taking our teachers away. We need a wall at school.”

Of course, children can’t vote. But they do have a huge influence over their parents. Jenna Klabaka, an undergraduate at UCLA double-majoring in Political Science and Psych (“Keeping my options open”), laid out the way a child swing vote works.

Oh yes, the child can directly affect how a parent votes. Have you ever seen a parent quiet a kid in Toys R Us? They buy them a toy to shut them up. The same affect could hold true in 2016.”

For aNewDomain, I’m Frank Visa.

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