CRAZY! World’s Top 10 Fastest Supercomputers (infographic)

Written by aNewDomain Staff

World’s Top 10 Fastest Supercomputers. China’s Tianhe-2 takes the top slot, calculating 33.86 petaflops/sec. — The AIS Top 10 Fastest Supercomputers in the world infographic is below. These are incredible machines, capable of performing quadrillions of calculations every single second.

The 10 fastest supercomputers are, according to AIS, listed in ascending order of power. They are: China’s Tianhe-1A, Germany’s SuperMUC, the United States’ Vulcan in California, Germany’s JUQUEEN, the University of Texas at Austin’s Stampede, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Mira, Japan’s K Computer, IBM’s Sequoia for nuclear weapon simulation and the U.S. Titan. And the fastest supercomputer? It’s China’s Tianhe-2, which is capable of calculating an incredible 33.86 petaflops of data per second. CRAZY.

Check it out and be amazed. Thanks to AIS and to the folks at

10 Fastest Supercomputers