Cole Smithey: Here Are The Top Movies Of 2015 [video roundup]

best films of 2015
Written by Cole Smithey

Most movies sucked in 2015, renowned film critic Cole Smithey says. But the few top movies of 2015 were stellar. Check them out in this fast video roundup. Now you know exactly what to watch during your winter break. Happy holidays from Cole and all of us here at aNewDomain …

cole-smithey top movies of 2015 aNewDomain — Backloaded to a fault, 2015 was another disappointing year for Hollywood. It seems stuck in a redundant approach to filmmaking less concerned with telling stories than it is with just regurgitating up things from the past. No wonder films with stories relevant to our world right now were so few and far between.

Even an ostensibly culturally significant film like “Spotlight” comes across as a formula knock-off of “All the President’s Men” from 1976. Never mind that the movie, about a corrupt Boston judicial system and media outlets that protected dozens of pedophile priests, was made 10 years too late.

But the top movies of 2015, though few, hit a lot of great high points.  Check them out below in this fast, short, end-of-the-year video roundup.

For aNewDomain, I’m Cole Smithey.