And Now Cincinnati: What Is Up With Them Crazy Cops? [cartoon]

Ted Rall cartoon: Crazy cops, Nazis and Burning Questions
Written by Ted Rall

When confronted with allegations that some police abuse their powers, apologists say cops just have a tough job. Not the point. The point is, what are these crazy cops really up to? From Ferguson to Cincinnati … Ted Rall cartoon.

aNewDomain commentary — Ferguson, Baltimore and now Cincinnati? When confronted with repeated allegations that police abuse their power, apologists and allies will sometimes say that cops just have a tough job. Maybe that’s true, but that’s not the point. The point is this: What are the crazy cops behind these abuses really up to?

crazy cops

Nazis and Crazy Cops Cartoon: by Ted Rall exclusively for aNewDomain, BreakingModern and SkewedNews

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