‘Silence Breakers’ Are TIME’S Person(s) of the Year — For Now, Anyway

TIME person of the year

TIME today named its 2017 Person of the Year. But will its so-called ‘silence breakers’ still be naming names even a few months from now? TED RALL cartoon ..

aNewDomainTIME Magazine finally revealed its 2017 Person of the Year cover a few minutes ago on morning television. And the winner is — the “silence breakers.” These are, of course, the #MeToo people, the men and women who are coming out and calling out those they feel sexually harassed them at some point in the past.

Could it be just a fad, though?

Look. There have been plenty of important moments in the past — moments during which a national conversation about sexual harassment prompted political observers to believe that society had turned decisively against a culture of systemic sexual harassment in the workplace and elsewhere.

Yet those moments always faded.

Is the post-Harvey Weinstein moment any different?

Let’s come back in six months and review.

For aNewDomain, I’m Ted Rall.