Super Bowl 2014: The Smartest Players in the NFL? By The Numbers

Written by Gina Smith

Who are the smartest players in the NFL? Here’s how quarterbacks test on the Wonderlic Cognitive Test. Results can determine starting lineups. Infographic. — Have you ever wondered who the smartest players in the NFL are? I did some searching and fell upon the excellent infographic below. Obviously just physical prowess isn’t enough to make it to the NFL, much less the Super Bowl. But are brainiacs required? For some positions, maybe. NFL quarterbacks often take the so-called Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test — formerly known as the Wonderlic Personnel Test. It’s a popular intelligence test used in workplaces to gauge problem-solving, learning and decision-making skills for optimum group-based outcomes. NFL quarterbacks take the Wonderlic test multiple times during the course of their careers, experts say. The test, by the way, includes 50 multiple choice questions that must be completed in fewer than 12 minutes.

According to the Smartest Players in the NFL infographic below, the quarterback’s score could well matter in a starting lineup. But scores do get higher as players get used to the Wonderlic test. Check out the infographic below to find out what players starting in the 2013 season have the highest scores. And what teams, as a group, have the lowest.

Brains and Brawn: Smartest Players in the NFL

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