Stop Whining. If You Don’t Like Donald Trump, Do These Five Things Right Now

donald trump
Written by Jason Dias

If you don’t support Donald Trump for president, stop whining. Here are five things you can do right now to slow the candidate’s juggernaut, says Jason Dias …

aNewDomainjason-dias-anewdomain-amazon-kindle — A Latino group wants Trump taken off the roster to host Saturday Night Live.

I don’t hate the guy personally. I never met him.

But I hate what he stands for, and how easy it is for him to gain support. I hate what it means that he’s still forerunner for the Republican nomination.

If I were Saturday Night Live, I wouldn’t have the guy on. But then, I’m politically partisan here.

I think we can objectively say that what Republicans have in mind for us is stupid, regressive, hateful, ignorant bullshit. Here’s the thing, though: When everyone sends a letter or a tweet or a phone call to SNL demanding Trump not be allowed to host, imagine what happens when you win.

donald trumpWhen you win, the social-regressives send their own letter demanding Hillary not be allowed to appear on shows, either. And she’s not even an entertainer. You know, a comedy is exactly where Trump (pictured at right) belongs.

So if SNL says yes to your demands to boycott Trump, why shouldn’t everyone else say yes to every demand to keep the people they hate off television?

How about you redirect those efforts? Like, to where the political process actually happens?

Call Fox News. All the time, every day. And explain that you are voting Democrat. Show them your voter registration. And explain why. You wouldn’t normally vote. Most people don’t, it turns out. But show them that Trump and the imbeciles like him polarizing the rest of us, folks who ordinarily wouldn’t really care which crook, cretin or quack is in charge but who are suddenly willing to engage with democracy just to keep that boob, (left), out of office.

Once you’re done with Faux News, call The New York Times, call The Wall Street Journal. Call Forbes, The Nation and The Blaze. Give them the same message: I wasn’t really interested in politics but now I’m voting – Democrat.

donald trumpThanks for the motivation.

Then call the DNC.

Finally, call the Alabama State House, where they’re even now closing down the DMVs in black neighborhoods () to give the red candidates more of an edge.

They’re the ones giving you Trump, by making sure only the whitest, reddest, most rabid Republicans get a chance to be heard.

So, make sure they hear you, too.

We don’t get moderate voices because we don’t ask for them. At least, we don’t ask the right people. You’re so pissed off at Trump that you tune in to the debates in record numbers. Only a fifth as many people watch the Democratic debates. The blue candidates are so bland, who even cares?

Is that a strategy — to be so bland nobody comes out to vote Republican to oppose you? I guarantee that won’t work. Republicans win when everyone else stays home. Here, we lost two Democrats in state recall elections because they voted for gun control. NRA loonies came out in just enough numbers to bring them home, and democrats who don’t care enough stayed home.

Lorne Michaels isn’t going to keep Trump off the next debate stage by keeping him off SNL.

Primary voters can do that. But only if you give them some incentive to be more moderate …

For aNewDomain, I’m Jason Dias.

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