Spotlight: Why Python Training Is Totally Worth It

Written by T.E. Wing

Should you invest your time and money in Python training? Absolutely. Here’s why.

Programming languages and coding styles change so rapidly it’s a real job figuring out which ones are worth your time and money.

And then there’s Python.

Python’s been a coding mainstay for nearly three decades now. It’s solid. Respectable.

But will Python really fit your business goals? That’s the question. So we zoomed in for a closer look.

Here’s the bottom line on Python and Python training.

The basics of Python

Getting started with Python is simpler than it often seems. Depending on your office’s setup, your computers may even already have it installed. Many Linux systems come with it pre-installed as well as some Windows PCs made by HP and other vendors.

If you don’t already have it installed, fear not. Setup is as simple as downloading the installer and running it, much like most other applications.

Python’s capabilities range from general purpose to higher level programming functions, and it has a wide variety of applications. Python also makes use of streamlined syntax, which greatly helps to simplify maintenance and updates and allows you to express various programming concepts without the need for additional coding.

Combine that with its fairly robust library and its general compatibility with most any major systems and you have a programming language that’s accessible for even the coding novice.

Uses of Python

Python frameworks like Django and Flask are increasingly popular for web development, especially when it comes to creating back-end code that runs on your own servers as opposed to users’ devices.

While Flask is probably the better choice for those new to Python, Django is typically a faster vehicle for creating straight-forward development projects.

Machine learning and Python are a natural pairing, too.  

Machine learning is useful for implementing algorithms that can detect patterns, which is key in facial recognition software, voice recognition and recommendation systems like those Amazon and YouTube rely on. It’s an unbelievably hot area.

A helping hand

While you probably will have no problem teaching your team some of the simpler Python concepts, higher level programming concepts will likely prove to be more difficult to impart.

Depending on your comfort level when it comes to teaching and training, you may want to consider bringing in some extra help to get your team ready to conquer what might be an unfamiliar programming language.

For most businesses looking to improve their web presence or master new coding techniques, Python training is an absolute necessity. Whether you’re looking to get your team’s feet wet with beginner concepts or are looking for the extra added push to master the more complex applications, training will provide a much-needed boost.

Plus, many training programs are conducted on-site at your offices. That removes a lot of the pressure of organizing time away for training. 

Conquering a new language

While Python may seem intimidating to the uninitiated, once you’ve invested in the right training, you’ll find that it’ll be much easier for your team to pick up these concepts and apply them to company projects.

Proper Python training is well worth the investment to conquer this new language. Good luck!

For aNewDomain, I’m T.E. Wing.

Cover image: Techspot, All Rights Reserved