SlimDrivers for Windows: Freeware Friday

Written by Mike Rothman

Got old, broken or missing drivers? Find out how bad the situation is and fix it with SlimDrivers for Windows freeware. It’s our choice for Freeware Friday. – If you suspect your Windows PC has got missing, outdated or broken device drivers, check out SlimDrivers. It’s freeware for Windows PCs. And it’s our Mike Rothman’s choice for Freeware Friday.

SlimWare Utilities’ SlimdDivers for Windows not only helps you find your PC’s broken, corrupted, outdated or missing device drivers. It lets you download and install the most current ones, too. Fixing problematic drivers will speed up your whole system. And there’s no reason not to try Slimdrivers. I checked it out. It works great. And it’s free.


First, install SlimDrivers.

Find the program on the SlimWare Utilities site. It’s on the front page. After you install it, you’ll see that SlimWare will rapidly scan your PC was problematic device drivers.

Now, examine your action list and get going …

SlimDrivers works by checking your drivers against its own crowd-sourced and cloud-based database. And it figures out the exact order in which you should install updates or new drivers. That’s how you get its clickable device driver action list.

After I installed SlimDrivers, the freeware notified me that I had more than a dozen old and/or missing drivers.

So I went through the action list. It took under a half an hour for me to walk through all the installations. Your mileage will, of course, vary according to your system and connection speeds.

I did have a glitch or two. For instance, after the driver reinstall, I had to manually go in and reset up my audio with the new driver.

But overall, my system is working better.

There’s a paid verson of SlimDrivers, too, that grants you a multi-PC license at about $30 a year. SlimWare Pro is also a more automated system, allowing you to install multiple drivers at once with just one click. And it automates scheduled device driver checkups, too.

But I find the free version is adequate for most folks. Except for the AVG website redirect toolbar it came with — definitely uninstall AVG when you get this program — SlimDrivers is a great solution and I heartily recommend it this week for Freeware Friday.

For, I’m Mike Rothman.


  • Thanks for the tip! Too bad they don’t offer a no-crapware version for, say, $5. I would gladly pay a nominal fee for a clean version of a useful “freeware” utility and I bet others would too.

    • I could not agree more. The trend toward crapware embeds in our software bad news. Far better we pay the $5 and know we are not going to be surprised.