SKEWEDNews: Fact Checking The Fourth Republican Debate

Written by Frank Visa

It’s hard to separate truth from falsehood — but not for our Frank Visa.

aNewDomain/SKEWEDNews — Our cracked fact checkers at aNewDomain have watched and re-watched the fourth debate in an effort to tease the truth from the spin. Our research team earned some combat pay for cutting through to the truth. Here are the results:

Chris Christie Is Still Running for President – TRUEchris christie's weight featured

By all accounts, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is still in the race to become the Republican nominee of the Republican Party. Some saw him in the smaller debate saying things about Hillary Clinton like he would prosecute her or some other silly stuff. Christie was recently thrown out of a New Jersey train “quiet car” for being too fat.

carly fiorina wikimedia commonsCarly Fiorina’s Skin Is Actually Thick – FALSE

While the former CEO of HP cannot smile or make an expression except that intense stare, it is not due to the thickness of her skin.  It is due to the fact that she is the first successful robot built by HP in 2004 and HP cannot get near it to pull the plug. Its skin is actually an ultra-thin, skin-like membrane.

ben carsonBen Carson Is Popular – TRUE

From all research, we can’t find this to be false. Even though the neurosurgeon-turned-politician thinks that the Chinese are in Syria, that a Muslim cannot be president and he misremembers his West Point Scholarship.

Ted Cruz Wants to Make Deep Cuts to Trump’s Hair – FALSE

While Cruz cannot remember which five departments he wanted to cut, there is no truth to the rumor that he wants to cut the billionaire’s hair. When Cruz listed the Dept. of Commerce twice it had nothing to do with Trump, even though the billionaire often associates himself with commerce.

latino jeb bushJeb Bush thinks He Did Well – True

All he needs to do is watch it with the sound off, and he’ll see his face pleading with anyone to take him seriously.

For aNewDomain, I’m Frank Visa.

All image credits: Wikimedia Commons