Anti-Harassment Protection: What It Is and How To Get It in Seattle

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Written by Max Zachary

Sometimes a person needs to maintain physical and verbal distance from another. Here’s how to get anti-harassment protection in Seattle. BY MAX ZACHARY

aND BrandPoint — There are times when a person needs to maintain physical and verbal distance from the other. That’s the purpose of an anti-harassment order. Here’s how anti-harrassment orders of protection work in Seattle and how to obtain one.

An anti-harassment order is when one person seeks to bar another from contacting them, but there need not be any relationship between the two parties for this order to be filed; a relationship is a prerequisite for other types of domestic protection orders.

To obtain a civil anti harassment in Seattle order of protection, you only need to prove that you are being harassed by someone. Anti-harassment orders are different from other types of protection orders because they don’t usually involve family or loved ones. If there is a relationship between two parties, then the best way to cease contact is to obtain a domestic violence protection order.

Harassment is designated as any action or course of conduct which serves no valid or legal purpose and is specifically designed to annoy, alarm, or harass another person. The actions performed must be the type that any reasonable person would interpret as being emotionally distressful.

It isn’t just one specific act, but a series of acts that, over time, are overwhelming or too much.

A court determines harassment by looking at whether the harassment is equal, if there is one party that is communicating with the other at a greater rate, or if the contact is one-sided or mutual. Another factor determined by the court is whether one party has clearly communicated to the other that they no longer wish to communicate.

If the order is to tell someone that communication is no longer desired, the court will also look into if telling them so could cause a problem.If that is why the one party had not previously taken steps to communicate their wishes. For an anti-harassment suit, there also needs to be proof that the two people are not involved in a relationship, and that they don’t have children in the situation.

If you initiate a temporary anti-harassment order, it will last for no more than 14 days. Along with the petition, there has to be a sworn affidavit filed to substantiate the claim of harassment and the basis for filing. In cases where children are allegedly being harassed, a parent may petition on the child’s behalf, but there must be an offense that’s been reported to child protective services to be investigated. Whether it is in the form of physical danger or emotional distress, it can be a difficult process to file a petition on a minor’s behalf.

and brands and brandpoint abpIn the new age of internet and social media, claiming harassment is difficult. You can file an anti-harassment order to protect yourself from someone harassing or threatening you, but sometimes it is difficult to prove without concrete evidence of harassment. Luckily, a trail of evidence is easier to collect online, which makes it easier for courts to follow up and investigate.

If you are going to petition for an anti-harassment order, then it is best to make sure that you have the proof to back up your claim. In cases where you are related to the respondent or abuser, it is a better idea to seek a Domestic Violence Protective Order to ensure not just your safety, but that of any minors who might be involved.

The major difference between an anti-harassment order and a domestic violence protective order is that you need not have a relationship with the person you are filing the petition against. The best way to ensure that the harassment stops is to put everything in writing and contact a professional who understands the legalities of anti-harassment laws in Seattle.

Although filing on your own is a possibility, it is best to have the help of an attorney who specializes in harassment. Whether it is a criminal attorney or someone who specializes in family law, the right professional will make sure that you file the petition necessary to keep yourself safe from harassment and harm.

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