App Developers 2018: Here Are The Top Five Now

Written by T.E. Wing

Who are the best app developers right now? Here’s our list for 2018.

aNewDomain — You do practically everything online. You shop, order food, check in with friends and summon cars and cabs with your favorite mobile apps. No surprise that,  as of 2018, there are more than two million apps out there — with some 178 billion combined downloads.

That means that if your business doesn’t yet have an app, you need to get on the stick. Here’s a list of five top app developers to help you get that search started.

Attract Group

Founded in 2011, Attract Group’s software development team specializes in customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems on Android and Apple iOS. custom CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems on Android and iOS apps. One of the firm’s biggest bragging rights has to do with the comprehensive research it performs for customers. It’ll analyze your competitors and look for ways to improve on their apps and other available ones. And the service doesn’t end with developing the perfect app for you, either. It will also monitor your site to analyze user behavior over time and make any adjustments or observations that might help your company. Nice.


Exaud is a company operating out of Portugal that specializes in three key areas: mobile app development, wearables, and work on Internet of Things (IoT) related issues. That makes sense, considering that this firm’s experience is firmly grounded in such sectors as automotive, digital services and game controllers. In the automotive industry, it’s done work for Audi and Ford, among others. The big strength at Exaud is that it offers simple procedures for helping you get out quality products fast, as well as flexible price plans and real-time project status updates. 


Imagemme is all about the image, as its name suggests. It’s one of the best app development companies because of its focus on branding and packaging, you see. The focus here is on the best positioning for your brand. Because of that niche, its mobile app developers are design-focused. But that doesn’t mean their apps are any less functional than other companies. It just means their developers collaborate more with their designers to bring you a cohesive product that represents your brand well.

Sneakers Agency

A New York agency, Sneakers’ offices are located in Soho. They offer an entire line of technology services, including website design, software development, and even social media marketing. And of course, their mobile app development service is one of the best. Earning their clients’ trust over and over again, Sneakers focuses on taking the stress of technology completely off your plate. They stay informed about industry and seasonal deadlines, consumer needs, and traffic analytics so you don’t have to. They develop your software based on solid data and user experience and offer a 30-day cancellation policy, so you are not bound by endless contracts.

Space-O Technologies

Constantly ranking in top ten lists for web developers, Space-O is a trusted company for software development in many niches. They have created over 3,500 mobile apps since they began, and they excel in helping their clients find and realize their company visions. They’ve worked with companies like Nike and McAfee and have even developed several healthcare apps that streamline processes for both providers and patients. And if customer reviews are any indication, their team of highly-specialized professionals consistently meet and exceed client expectations.