RNC 2016: Young Doctors, Execs Plan Anti Trump Protest for 10,000

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Written by Gina Smith

A group of Ohio doctors and young execs is planning a 10,000-person march to protest Donald Trump’s winning the nomination at July’s Republican National Convention. Here’s what they’re up against.

aNewDomain — A political action group founded by American Muslim doctors and young professionals in the Midwest is planning for a 10,000- person, peaceful protest of Donald Trump’s candidacy at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Stand Together Against Trump, or STAT, formed earlier this year to “protest Trump’s candidacy and the hate it represents,” movement founder and Cleveland doctor Bryan Hambley told aNewDomain Tuesday.

“We believe (Trump’s candidacy) and his election to the US presidency would be disastrous for our nation,” he said. As professionals, founders of the group “regularly deal with individuals from races, religions, and genders who Trump frequently insults and scapegoats … we’re deeply troubled by the incendiary statements and positions (he) has promoted during his candidacy for the Republican nomination.”

The group has applied for, but not yet received, the city permit it needs to hold a 10,000 person march and rally in downtown Cleveland on July 21. That’s the date Trump is expected to get the official GOP nomination. On July 19 and 20, the group will march with other protest groups demonstrating at the convention, including End Poverty Now March for Social Justice, he said.

STAT and its planned protest aren’t focused on the GOP or the convention, he said. “We are focused on a positive and peaceful protest. We have no intention of confronting or protesting against supporters of Trump. Our focus is on Trump alone.” More than half of the group’s members who’ve joined so far belong to ethnic minorities, he added, and about half of those are Muslim, he added.

The City of Cleveland has so far not approved any permit applications for demonstrations, prompting the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to send a letter threatening suit if it doesn’t begin doing so by June 1. The free speech advocacy group said it was acting on behalf of three groups trying to gain permits to protest at the event, including Citizens for Trump and Organize!Ohio.

STAT expects that most of its members will have little or no protesting experience, so it will conduct training in peaceful protesting on the morning of first day of its three-day protest event, according to the group’s site.

Protesters may face some not-so-peaceful opposition, however. Trump has faced widespread criticism for his intense campaign rallies, which have been marked by scuffles and several incidents of punches being thrown.

The businessman and reality TV star was sued in April over alleged violence at a Kentucky rally in March.

STAT is using its site and Facebook page to generate community around the planned protest, he said.

Protests and petition movements from groups not typically associated with election year protests are becoming increasingly common as RNC 2016 nears. Earlier today, a group of 450 well known writers and novelists, calling themselves Writers Against Trump, began circulating a petition opposing Trump’s political candidacy. In just a few hours, it’s gathered some 2,000 signatures toward its 10,000 signature goal.

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.