Is Your Psych Disorder Based on a Sesame Street Character?

Written by Gina Smith

Insomiac? You’re an Ernie. Got Asperberger’s? You’re Bert. And Elmo is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The Psych Disorder Sesame Street infographic …

aNewDomain — Are you an insomniac? Nice to meet you, Ernie. A bit on the Aspberger’s spectum? Accept it and embrace your inner Bert. You’re certainly not alone if you live Silicon Valley way. As for you, Elmo, quit hamming it up to the mirror. Everyone knows by now you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder! There’s a Sesame Street character for most common psychological disorders, according to this funny but true infographic from FoDrizzle.¬†Enjoy.

Psychological Disorders Based on Sesame Street Characters infographic credit: by and via

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Cover image art: Oscar the Grouch with Grafitti by Zarateman (own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons.



  • Very funny!I love it! But here’s a point to keep in mind: Sesame Street is a show for kids, and kids exhibit a lot of what we see as disorders in adults because they are kids. Delusions, insomnia, obsessions, over-valuing trash, etc. Hopefully they grow out of these things. (I have six kids and can pretty well relate to this.)