Podcast: The Indispensable Thursday Show with Sable And Dave

the indispensible thursday show
Written by Sable Cantus

A weekly podcast brought to you by middle-aged dads who like bourbon and beer, Jokes, skits, tech and creative professionalism in the modern world. Tune in!

aNewDomainThe Indispensable Thursday Show is a weekly podcast bringing you jokes, skits, parody songs and sometimes deep discussions around being creative professionals, dads and middle-aged guys who like bourbon and beer. The podcast will be posted here weekly on aNewDomain, and can be found on a host of other outlets.

The Indispensable Thursday Show with Sable and DaveCo-created by myself and David Smith, we continuously stumble into large current topics such as how the Apple Watch encourages new kinds of criminal behavior; what does the Ashley Madison leak tell us about our society and our beliefs in monogamous relationships; what is going on with police and black people?

We talk about tech, politics, some education news and anything else that sparks our interest. All content is original, including the music! The three latest episodes are listed below. If you want to peruse the archives, we started at Episode 1.

Episode 37 — You Have Amazon on Your Hulu!

Journey with us as we try to piss off and alienate all of our newly-gotten
listeners (there are a lot of you!). Dave bags on gay marriage supporters
while also bagging on Kentucky County Clerk Gay-hater Kim Davis. There’s
also two — count ’em, two — sing-alongs for your listening pleasure. We
also inappropriately touch on the new iPad 12, delve into Dave’s “Micro”
“Soft” problem and explore his deep, pathological soul-wrenching hatred of
OC sanitation workers.

Episode 38 — Yogi Honey Boo Boo (Explicit)

Warning: Explicit

In this week’s episode, we dazzle you with our improvised reading of Yogi
Bear and his honey-love for Boo Boo bear. Drone fear and panic ensue. Dave
disputes Edgar’s ripping of his new arse. We barely mention Cyber Dust. We
talk about how AYSO is taking drug money from Nesquik and not passing that
down to the kids! Also, sharks. AAARRRRGGHHHH.

Episode 39 — Pack Fudge? Pack Heat!

This week we broadcast with special guest Jesse Dollemore from the I Doubt it with Dollemore podcast. We talk about cutting the cord,
the bee in Dave’s bonnet, Jihadist alarm clocks and Jesus, Jesus and
more Jesus.

Thanks for tuning in!

For aNewDomain, I’m Sable Cantus.

Featured image: My Podcast Set by Patrick Breitenbach via Flickr