Has Pat Robertson Lost His Mind? His Religion? Or Both?

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Written by Tom Ewing

As Pat Robertson defends Donald Trump’s talk of unwanted female genital grabbing as “macho,” Tom Ewing questions the state of the TV evangelist’s soul … and mind. [commentary]

aNewDomain — Call me out of touch, but I thought evangelist Pat Robertson was dead. I did.

So I was doubly surprised this morning to learn that the billionaire minister and former presidential candidate is not only alive, but that he seemingly has lost his scruples. And maybe, even, his religion. Today he defended Donald Trump’s boasts of female genital grabbing, which stands in direct opposition with pretty much every moral opinion he’s spent years publicizing in his long career as a TV evangelist.

And get this. Robertson says the comments Trump made on that video were  — wait for it — macho.

What does any belief mean if you can’t stand up for it when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable?

I realize that some liberal Christians might accept Trump’s Biff Tanen apology on the grounds that forgiveness comes from God alone.

But that’s not typically Robertson’s stripe of Christianity. It never has been.

Over the last few decades Robertson has indicated over and over that he’s even more hardcore on questions of divorce than even the Bible, at least when it concerns those not on the doorstep of the Oval Office. Watch this:

Hasn’t Trump been three times to the “cute young girl” described in the video above?

Hmm. It doesn’t even seem to bother Robertson that Trump has been such a libertine for so many years?

Now, make no mistake. Robertson has in the past made clear that he condemns pornography however defined:

That Trump has appeared in two pornographic movies doesn’t seem to trouble Robertson in the least.

Robertson has provided this advice about ethics in business:

Gosh, does this apply to Trump University in any way?

Guess not.

Here’s more from Robertson about sex:

Still more about sex:

And here’s the supposedly pious Robertson on infidelity:

I could have spent the rest of my day trolling through the thousands of 700 Club videos on YouTube, but I had a Habitat house to build. Maybe later.

Aren’t there any Christians who are with me on this? How can Robertson possibly be true to the advice he gives the people who call into his show and yet be such a fervent Trump supporter?

I wonder if social class has something to do with this? Like Trump, Robertson  was born into a wealthy family — and  his father was a U.S. senator. Like Trump, Robertson appears to be a billionaire. He might be worth even more than Trump.

One set of rules for the chosen and one set for everyone else? Surely not.

Here’s Robertson’s gleeful interview with Trump before the Republican convention.

Trump implies that he’s watched the 700 Club for many years. Interesting. What do you think Trump gleaned from watching all those episodes?

Interestingly, Trump also explains that he’s a Protestant so he’s not an Evangelical. Interesting distinction, as most folks find Evangelicals to be a flavor of Protestantism, but who knows what Trump’s picked up from all those years of watching the 700 Club.

It’s doubly interesting, considering the church Trump claims to be his home church has publicly disavowed him.

I just don’t know what to think about any of this. Is Robertson a hypocrite? Is he gullible? Or has he, for mysterious reasons, decided to make a whole boatload exceptions for Trump and his increasingly sinful, sleazy bid for the US presidency?

Someone, one of his peers, perhaps, should kindly remind Robertson that his professed boss had sharp words for folks serving in high positions that Robertson’s evangelical followers might want to consider if they apply:

I’m sure that Robertson also has a very nice box seat arranged for the inauguration complete with a very nice calfskin-covered commemorative program and some comfy elk skin booties embroidered with Trump’s name to wear on that nippy February morning.

Obviously, Robertson is a guy who has his priorities.

For aNewDomain, I’m Tom Ewing.

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