Almost Heaven: Why You Should Think About Moving To Michigan

Written by aNewDomain Staff

Four seasons. Natural beauty. Historic buildings. And we haven’t even gotten to the Great Lakes … Here’s why you should move to Michigan.

To live in the northern United States is to live in paradise.


The summers are warm, inviting, and active. The autumn gives way comfortably to a snow-white winter. No matter what draws inspiration in your life, Michigan has it in store. From urban wonders which have stood throughout America’s history to unparalleled natural beauty, an adventure is waiting to happen. Michigan is also a great place to raise a family. Home prices are quite affordable and communities welcome newcomers with open arms.

The Great Lake state is home to so many different types of communities. From ethnic hotspots in Detroit to rural farm towns, everyone is welcome. The community of Lake Orion, MI is one with open arms. Just north of Detroit, they’ve got a great a great school system and an active population.

Lake Orion is growing, quickly. What started out as a resort town has now become a happy little village. There’s a beautiful lake right in town, take a sail around and you’ll find many different islands to explore. The city is steeped in history. Back in the 1920s, Lake Orion was known as the “Paris of Detroit!”

If you’re starting a family or if you’ve already begun that journey, your home is your castle. It’s the place where your children take their first steps, it’s the place where long term memories are made. Lake Orion is a safe community with very low crime rates. With Michigan’s thriving economy, home ownership is in reach for almost everybody. New homes are affordable for almost any individual!

The only thing that could make living in a resort time even more perfect: a new best friend. Having a dog adds so much joy to life and you’ll always have a friend to walk around the lake with!

Dogs are just pure happiness–whether you find a Pitbull at the pound, buy a Morkie online or adopt a Labrador. Taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility, perfect for teaching children about daily life.

One of the best places to meet new friends is the local dog park. The dogs get to run free and have some fun, you get to know your neighbors. If you want to get out into nature, hit the trails–Michigan is absolutely great for year round exploration. Drive in any direction and there’s a natural wonder to be found. Imagine taking your dog for a snow dusted trail run or a summer’s night stroll near a beautiful river. Beautiful, right?

and-brand-landMichigan is home to almost ten million residents and it’s growing larger each year. Lake Orion is just a short drive from metro Detroit, conveniently located for a quick day trip.

Want to see a show in the big city? It’s only a 45 minute drive. Feel like taking a quick vacation to Canada? Grab your passport and hit the road. You can cross the border in under two hours. No matter what life has in store, in Michigan you’ll find a great time.