Nikon Small World 2016: Eyes of a Jumping Spider and 9 Other Favorites

nikon small world 2016 jumping spider
Written by Gina Smith

Check out the gorgeous images in this year’s Nikon Small World contest, a light microscope photo competition. Here are our 10 favorites and how to vote.

aNewDomain — Every year, we present the winners of the Nikon Small World contest, a competition that features just what is possible if you combine a light microscope with an artistic eye. But this year the competition also is taking popular votes on the top 96 finalists. Vote here.

Check out Eyes of a Jumping Spider above and nine of our other favorites to win, below.

Head of a Green Bottle Fly

head of a green bottle fly nikon small world 2016 contestCredit: Erno Endre Gergley/Nikon Small World

Head of a Skinbow Zebrafish Larvae

head of a skinbow zebrafish larvae nikon small world 2016 contest

Credit: Chen Chen-Hui/Nikon Small World

Scales of a Butterfly Wing (Agrodiaetus thersites/Chapman’s Blue male)

scales of a butterfly nikon small world contest Credit: Anne Gleich/Nikon Small World

Fungus Growing on Cow Dung

nikon small world 2016 contest fungus growing on dungCredit: Michael Crutchley/Nikon Small World

Poison Fangs of a Centipede

poison fangs of a centipede nikon small world 2016Credit: Walter Piorkowski/Nikon Small World

3D picture of Moving Vesicles
3D image of moving vesicles Nikon Small World 2016 contest
Credit: Erdinc Sezgin/Nikon Small World 2016

Espresso Crystals

espresso crystals nikon small world 2016 contestCredit: Vin Kitayama and Sanae Kitayama/Nikon Small World 2016

Beta-alanine and Taurine Crystals

Beta-alanine and Taurine crystals Nikon Small World 2016 contestCredit: Matt Inman/Nikon Small World

Hot Rubber Coated with a Thin Glass Film, Shot While Cooling
rubber coated with a thin glass film Nikon Small World 2016 contestCredit: James Hedrick/Nikon Small World

For aNewDomain Science, I’m Gina Smith.

Cover shot: Eyes of a Jumping Spider: Yousef Al Habshi/Nikon Small World, All Rights Reserved.