Hertz NeverLost 6 Platform Launches with Magellan On Board (video)

Written by Gina Smith

Here’s the latest on Hertz’ Neverlost 6 platform and its integration with Magellan GPS tech and cloud-based social and location-based services. aNewDomainTV video inside … plus specs.

aNewDomain.net — Navigation Solutions — that’s the Hertz company behind the NeverLost in-car GPS navigation system — has teamed up with GPS device maker Magellan. Our Kerry Kinsey reports on the result: All 2014 Hertz vehicles that use the NeverLost 6 platform will include some seriously hopped-up navtech.

Execs told me that the Hertz NeverLost 6 platform will include an ARM Cortex-A9 architecture with quad cores running at 1GHz, a high-res TFT display, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a GPS module that engineers built around SiRFstarIV architecture. Also included are a keypad, camera module, accelerometers and a Gyros sensor board, connectable with a flex cable. I saw it all at CES 2014. Check it out for yourself, below.

Video: Kerry Kinsey for aNewDomain/producer Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV

According to execs, Magellan’s SmartGPS Eco will be in Hertz vehicles later this year. The Magellan SmartGPS Eco is Magellan’s cloud based connected car service platform. It aggregates social and location content. And it lets drivers choose what content they want to display on board.

For aNewDomain.net, I’m Kerry Kinsey.

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