Mother’s Day Infographic: Mom Wants Tech over Tulips

Written by Gina Smith

Mom wants tech, not tulips, for Mother’s Day. Don’t believe us? Check out this infographic showing data from surveyed moms — and get your mom a tablet. — For Mother’s Day 2013, moms want tech –specifically, a tablet. In fact, according to the Mothers Day infographic below, moms want tech — tablets, not tulips — but they likely won’t get what they want. Or what they need.

Fully fifty-one percent of moms surveyed by the folks at say they’d prefer a tech gift for Mother’s Day. If not a tablet, an MP3 player or a laptop are second and third choices. Sadly, though, most moms will end up with flowers, lunch or some goofy card anyway.

So here’s advice from aNewDomain. Instead of buying some random dead flowers or popping a card in the mail, take a second and ask your mom what she wants for Mother’s Day. We bet it’s tech. And come on. She’s your mom.

It’s the Mom Wants Tech infographic, courtesy