Michael Skolnik: 14 Ways To Resist Donald Trump This Week [Feb 2 – Feb 9, 2017]

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Written by Michael Skolnik

Don’t get discouraged, says Michael Skolnik. Here are 14 fast, easy ways to oppose Donald Trump this week.

aNewDomainMichael Skolnik — The past seven days of the Trump presidency have been quite disastrous. However, while it feels like he is destroying America, our resistance and opposition is putting up a hell of a fight.

We know that we will lose more than we will win, but we have seen some victories this past week: a backtrack on the Muslim ban, a loss in the courts, a continuation of Obamacare ads, LGBTQ protections not abandoned and Betsy DeVos is one vote away from going home.

We must not get tired, but inspired to keep up the fight to protect the heart of our nation.

1. To end Betsy DeVos, call Sen. Deb Fischer’s office

Every Democrat and two Republicans (Collins and Murkowski) have come out against Betsy DeVos for the Department of Education.

And if one more Republican flips, Betsy DeVos will not have the votes. Sen. Deb Fischer (NE) might be the only undeclared Republican Senator. Call her and tell her to vote no on Betsy Devos. Her number is: (202) 224-6551.

Sample script:“My name is [NAME] from [PLACE] and I am calling to let the Senator know that I would like her to oppose the appointment of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. I want my tax dollars to stay in my community to support my public schools. She showed in her hearing that she is unqualified to serve as Secretary of Education. Will the Senator promise to vote no on her confirmation?”

If you only have time to make five calls this week, the new Make5Calls.org site provides the most important calls to make and even gives you a script for each call. This week’s calls are for DeVos, Gorsuch, Bannon, Reject Muslim Ban and Condemn GOP for Bypassing Rules Committee.

2. No One Left Behind

Sign up and even support No One Left Behind, an organization started by a veteran to help Afghan and Iraqi combat interpreters with Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) resettle safely in the United States — via h/t re:act.

3. Oppose Neil Gorsuch

On Tuesday, as if it was the final episode of The Apprentice, Donald Trump announced that he has selected Federal Judge Neil Gorsuch as his nominee for The Supreme Court. As Senator Merkley of Oregon suggested, this is a “stolen seat,” and we must encourage Democratic Senators to block this nominee for as long as possible. Ask your Senators to oppose and filibuster the nomination. Call the Capitol Hill switchboard at (202) 224–3121. Enter “1” to speak to the Senate, then enter your ZIP, then choose your senator. Call both individually?—?and only call your senators. Via h/t re:act.

Sample script: “I’m [NAME], a constituent from [CITY]. I want [SENATOR X] to do everything in his/her power to keep Neil Gorsuch off the Supreme Court. I believe this seat was stolen, and I think that confirming Gorsuch only invites that kind of action in the future. Will [SENATOR X] agree to filibuster the nomination?”

4. Airport Protests, #NoBanNoWall + Sanctuary Cities

The new president just kicked off his war against immigrants, refugees, and Muslims. Strongly reject his executive actions on immigration and refugees. Call your Senators: 212-224-3121. Call on them to say that you stand with immigrants and that they must resist Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-refugee actions.

If you would like to join the protests at the airports, sign up here to learn about protests at your local airports.

Once you done calling the federal government, call you local mayor and tell your mayor to make your city a sanctuary city (or if your city is already a sanctuary city, tell them that you support their decision). Tell your mayor and city council to stand up to Trump and take action that doesn’t just symbolically defend immigrants but transforms your city’s policies to stop targeting us for imprisonment, risk of removal, and state violence at the hands of police and aggressive immigration agents.
Call your mayor today.

5. Are you a Texan? Stop Texas SB4

Hey, Texans. Call the representatives below and tell them to vote no on Senate Bill 4.

If SB4 passes, the second largest state with the second largest immigrant population will become ground zero for mass deportation. The law lets police officers check your papers, turn you over to ICE, and overrides the will of voters and law enforcement who want local control in their public safety.  Texas, call your state senators today.

6. Attend a town hall with your Senate or Representative 

As members of Congress return to their home districts to hear from their constituents, it is important that we show up.

Just as the Tea Party bombarded congressional members during the summer of 2009, during the Affordable Healthcare debate, we must attend these town halls.

An amazing new group, Town Hall 2018, has produced a document with every town hall for every member of Congress. Check it out here — and show up.

7. Support immigrants

A great site has emerged to help you find local immigrant rights/services in your neighborhood. There are over 700+ orgs who could use your help. Find them here.

8. RT Defend Our Future’s new video.

Two millennial groups fighting climate change teamed up for an amazing action on the side of the EPA building to stop Scott Pruitt.

Definitely check out and RT the video here. 

9. “Trump Hotel, How can I help you?

Let’s flood Trump’s businesses with non-stop calls. We’ll start with the hotels. Be polite and respectful to the people answering the phones – treat them as our allies, for most are – but keep those phone lines tied up as long as possible. Find the numbers here.

10. Check out Countable

Countable is a new app that provides daily updates on your lawmakers and key developments on the issues you care about just came out called Countable. Download it here.

11. March For Science

The March for Science is a celebration of our passion for science and a call to support and safeguard the scientific community.

Recent policy changes have caused heightened worry among scientists, and the incredible and immediate outpouring of support has made clear that these concerns are also shared by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

The politicization of science, which has given policymakers permission to reject overwhelming evidence, is a critical and urgent matter. It is time for people who support scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public stand and be counted. On April 22, 2017 hundreds of thousands of people will walk out of their lab coats and into the streets of Washington. Join them!

12. Give 5 Bucks

Every week, we highlight different organizations doing amazing work that could still use our financial support. Here’s this week list.

AMERICAN REFUGEE COMMITTEE (refugees): http://arcrelief.org
INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE (refugees): https://help.rescue.org/donate
ACLU (civil liberties): http://aclu.org
KARAM FOUNDATION (syria): https://www.karamfoundation.org

13. This week’s read

Check out “Trial Balloon For A Coup” by Yonatan Zunger

14: This week’s song

Here’s “I’ll Rise” by Ben Harper …

Please spread the word about The Movement to Oppose Trump. And here is the subscription link for your friends to sign up.

Be safe, stay focused and let’s get to work. Kindly, Michael.

For aNewDomain, I’m Michael Skolnik.

“First they came for the Muslims, and we said ‘not this time m&*&fu&*&s.'” ~April Daniels

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