Meet Becket Morgan: Senior Contributor

Meet Becket Morgan, our newest edition to the edit team here at and our spin-off Linux site, aGNUdomain. She’s nuts for Android and gadgets. Here’s how to connect with her and submit ideas for her stories and reviews. Welcome aboard, Becket.

Becket Morgan

Based in the woods of Vermont, Becket Morgan is a non-profit professional and an accidental tech writer, she says. A voracious consumer of Android apps and tech-wonderfulness, sharing her thoughts on aNewDomain and our Linux spin-off site aGNUdomain from her typically edgy perspective of a demanding customer and reviewer. When not managing non-profits or playing with all her latest gadgets, Becket is easy to find kicking around Google +.

Connect with her at, @becketmorgan or +Becket Morgan on G+.