NJ Gov. Chris Christie: Why The Media Is Making Fun Of His Weight Again

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Written by Frank Visa

Chris Christie’s weight gets a lot of press. Maybe more than his politics. Is the media baiting the clearly hungry man?

aNewDomain/SkewedNews  A presidential candidate should not be judged by his weight. He should be judged by the amount of calories he consumes, not by the calories he expends. And Chris Christie’s weight is getting unfairly treated the media.  It’s a raw deal — raw like a salad — when the media refers to Christie as the elephant in any given room.

chris christie's weight That’s what Time Magazine called Christie two years ago. This was before Christie’s lap belt surgery, which has since shaved off a few pounds in preparation for his run for President.

Recently, NJ.com said Scott Walker is “eating Christie’s lunch” because he was doing the straight talk express better than the New Jersey governor. Still, there are other ways to say that without referencing food, something the Governor has demonstrated a deep affinity for.

According to Watchdog the Governor spent $300,000 on food and drink last year. Of course he did not eat all of that – no one can – but those kinds of expenses will cause anyone to bloat up.

And speaking of running, USAToday asked “Why Chris Christie is Waiting to Run for President.” Maybe it was Freudian, but the paper got to me to think “weight” and “Chris Christie” in the same headline. Smooth, but another jab.

That’s like saying he wants to rid government of waist.

Christie was a more viable candidate before he got tangled in Bridgegate, where his administration punished a mayor for five days by closing all but one lane of a bridge. The bridge was clogged like a colon for four days causing a backup that can still be felt today.

Christie Weighs In

With a wink, the news outlets love to have Chris Christie weigh in on issues:

The lap belt surgery is working. Christie’s weight is declining, and soon the media can focus on the real issue: his Nixon-like nose.

For aNewDomain and SkewedNews, I’m Frank Visa.

Featured image: Chris Christie via Wikimedia Commons

Body image: Chris Christie by Gage Skidmore via Flickr