“Married at First Sight” Split Airs In Court Docs, Instagram

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Written by Alicia Chinatomby

A “Married at First Sight” bride files for a restraining order, alleging her new husband threatened her life. He’s defending himself — on Instagram.

aNewDomain — I’m not sure why anyone would expect anything but a total carwreck from the relationships that come out of A&E’s (now FYI’s) “Married at First Sight,” a reality show that follows brides and grooms after they walk down the aisle with a complete and total stranger.

Since the airing of the second season reunion, all three couples have decided to call it quits. Reality-show marriages are rough. But some, like the union of Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro, are rougher than others. 

This one’s playing out not just in the courts. This battle is on Instagram.

married at first sight Jessica-Castro-and-Ryan-de-NinoBut let’s back up. On June 15, you see, Castro filed a big, fat restraining order against De Nino.  

During the show De Nino and Castro were seen arguing and fighting constantly, so this might not surprise you. But in her court petition, Castro is claiming that De Nino threatened to kill her on multiple occassions.

In the petition. Castro claims De Nino warned:

I will break you into f—ing pieces … I will break your dad into pieces. I will make your whole family disappear — and your f—ing dog-ass sister’s boyfriend.”

Yikes. De Nino responded rapidly to the petition. Not in court at first. Rather, De Nino blasted back on Instagram with this:

Ryan De Nino restraining order Instagram Married at First Sight

Marriages have always been spectator sports for the gossip-minded. But this is ridiculous. Stay tuned!

I’m Alicia Chinatomby, and this is aNewDomain.

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