Luke Jerram’s Microbiology Art: Pathogen Glasswork (gallery)

Written by Gina Smith

Luke Jerram’s microbiology artwork is staggeringly beautiful. Here’s glass artwork of HIV, smallpox, malaria and more. Amazing. GALLERY. — According to The Collection in London, Luke Jerram’s Swine Flu Glass Microbiology artwork is now in its permanent collection. Check out a gallery collection of Luke Jerram’s amazing microbiology artwork of pathogens, below.

Luke Jerram’s pathogen glass sculptures — 3D representations of such pathogens as H1, Swine Flu and Bird Flu — are bold and beautiful. And because they’re glass and colorless, they better represent such colorless pathogens than other artists’ multi-colored renderings of these microscopic dangers. Here’s a gallery comprising 10 of Luke Jerram’s most-arresting pathogen glass artworks, from Swine Flu to HIV to a T4 bacteriophage. Dangerous and beautiful.

Here’s Luke’s glass sculpture of Malaria, below.

Sculpture: artist Luke Jerram

Here’s his glass sculpture rendering of the T4 bacteriophage.

Sculpture: artist Luke Jerram

Check out Luke Jerram’s glass sculpture of Smallpox.

Sculpture: artist Luke Jerram

Here’s SARs.

Sculpture: artist Luke Jerram

The HPV virus is surprisingly and hauntingly beautiful.

Sculpture: artist Luke Jerram

Here’s Bird Flu.

Sculpture: artist Luke Jerram

This is a close-up of E. Coli in glass.

Sculpture: artist Luke Jerram

Swine Flu is gorgeous. You read that right.

Sculpture: artist Luke Jerram

And, finally, here’s HIV. It’s a clear sculpture — you see colors because of its background.
Sculpture: artist Luke Jerram

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