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Written by Becket Morgan

Now it’s easier than ever to add a second line without bothering with a new device. Becket Morgan reviews Line2 Cloud Phone Service.

aNewDomain — Need a second line? Don’t worry about getting a second device. Line2 is a cloud phone service app that offers you a second line on all of your devices with the ease of an app. Available for Android, Apple iOS and Windows, Line2 lets you separate work and personal from mobile devices you or your team already own.

The app is fast and easy to set up and use, and it’s also affordable thanks to the no-contract monthly plans. But does it live up to the promise of making the addition of a second phone line easier than ever? I checked out the Android app to see how it works. After I did, I nominated it for today’s App of the Day at aNewDomain. It really is that good.

Quick View

line2 callLine2 offers tons of versatility without requiring an extra device. If you want to add a business line to your personal cell phone — like I did — and easily participate in conference calls from your tablet or laptop, Line2 is a great option. You can even use it to add a complete VoIP service for your small business.

I found the call handling features and ability to talk and text via Wi-Fi to be both simple and fast. Call forwarding options let me choose to have calls ring one device or multiple, forward calls to a different home or office number, send calls to voicemail or any combination of the above. I really hate answering voicemails on my phone so I love that not only will Line2 voicemail pick up any calls I miss, it will email me an MP3 file of the message so I can click to listen right from my laptop.

Sometimes when I’m working from my desk, I’d prefer to use my laptop or tablet to hop onto a conference call. The Line2 app lets you access your account from whatever device you happen to be using. You can easily respond to calls and texts not only from your mobile devices but also from your PC or Mac using your microphone and speakers or a headset.

The app’s dashboard is intuitive and easy to manage with tons of customizable features. Configure your voicemail and call forwarding, view conversation histories and manage details of your account from any device. Show your Line2 number as your caller ID or keep it private. Easily set your Line2 number to do not disturb with the click of a button or flick of a finger.

VoIP and Line2 Abroad

Line2 also offers business-call and text management that is flexible for on-the-go workers like me. The pro VoIP phone service includes all the features listed above as well as an affordable monthly package packed with powerful business-grade features. All-inclusive talk and text plans allow almost unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada, and group conferencing for up to 20 colleagues turns your phone service into a multi-purpose conference line.

line2 advanced settingsLooking to go toll free? Select a toll free number at no extra charge and without the per minute fees of other providers. Add multiple lines for departments, employees or campaigns, and manage or remove them at your convenience. Line2 allows you to transfer your existing number, choose a number in the area code of your choice or establish a U.S.-based phone service if you are overseas. Call screening and customized greetings allow different options for different types of callers. Need to block a number? Easily add numbers to your blocked list and never deal with them again. Additional features include an optional e-fax service to have faxes delivered via email to your inbox.

Set up is quick and painless and you pay one month at a time with no hidden fees, no contracts and no set up or cancellation costs. Transfer your existing number for free, or choose a local number in the city of your choice. Line2 is available for personal accounts for $9.95 per month. Business lines are available for $14.95 per month with no contracts, simple set up and multiple lines. Apps are available for Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows.

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