Lena Dunham’s Lingerie Instagram Is An Awesome Capitalism-Positive Statement

Written by aNewDomain Staff

aNewDomain By Helen A.S. Popkin

You don’t need butt implants, marriage to Kanye, or a Momage™ with uncanny acumen for marketing her offspring, to make easy money off your nearly-naked bathroom pics! Body-positive tele-activist actress Lena Dunham has struck a blow for the self-obsessed celebrities who appeal to a consumer demographic that doesn’t even try to keep up with the Kardashians, this week on Instagram.

“Love my @lonelylingerie and I think I will wear it to dinner with some boots & a smile,” Dunham captioned her Memorial Day Instagram/native advertising for the New Zealand-based brand of ladies dainties. Shot posing between shower stall and toilet, wearing lacy bra and panty and making the most of the fluorescent light unavailable in the natural world, the HBO “Girls” creator and star adds: “because we are all very lucky to be free.”




Indeed, as a famous person, Dunham is free. She has the Goddess-given freedom to operate outside FTC rules that require “mommy bloggers” and the like to disclose any material relationships they have with the brands that they endorse.

Let the Kardashians of the world command a reported  $750,000 to $1 million to selfie-shill products like $140 post-baby waist cinchers! Sure, plenty of media outlets will cover the family’s new “fitness routine.”



\But for every Kardashian fan willing to “waist train,” there are likely .063 members of the Dunham demographic who prefer to let it all hang out in bras and panties priced $65 to $119 (in New Zealand dollars, whatever those are worth). What’s more, plenty of media outlets will happily clamour to cover the actor/author’s product endorsements, including those that don’t feature the Kardashian minutiae beat.

  •  “Lena Dunham Celebrates Her Freedom, and Shows Off Her Curves, in Lingerie Pic,” People magazine crowed.
  •  “Lena Dunham Posts Lingerie Photo On Instagram To Make An Awesome Body Positive Statement,” Bustle heralded.
  •  “DISCLAIMER: Breitbart News is not responsible for any emotional, spiritual, or psychological damage that might occur as a result of viewing this article,” Breitbart Facebooked.
  •  “The Right-Wing War on Lena Dunham,” The Daily Beast celebrated.

Whether assisting Dunham’s endorsement with additional Lonely Lingerie product shots, adding to the annals of America’s ongoing “Lena Dunham” crisis or simply scraping celebrity Instagram feeds for some quick traffic boosts, each and every post about this latest Internet panty pic alerts readers to on yet another product upon which they can spend their constantly shrinking paychecks.

Notably, Dunham did not “break the Internet” with her latest act of overexposure, as Paper magazine famously asked of Kim Kardashian’s ass late last year. What Dunham did do is herald the most successful monetization of America’s “body positive” meme since Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign.

Dunham proves that women need not be reality TV D-listers in Hollywood to offer value in a celebrity endorsement/post self-produced cheesecake pics! Even a New York A-lister/best-selling author can successfully celebrate Memorial Day by ensuring all Americans know about a previously obscure underthings company from the Antipodes.

You go, girl!

Exclusively for aNewDomain, I’m Helen A.S. Popkin.

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