John Barry: OED Loves Selfies? What About Elfies, Guelfies and Melfies?

Written by John Barry

On news that the Oxford English Dictionary people selected SELFIE as their word of the year, John Barry has some more OED suggestions. Kelpie … Celtie … Peltie … collect them all right here. LOL. — Now that the Oxford English Dictionary people have selected the term “selfie” as their word of the year, it’s a great time for the OED to explore the incorporation of lesser-known words spun off of “selfie” that describe still other kinds of smartphone self photos. Specifically, I’m thinking of …

Following image credit: Wikimedia


A smartphone capture of a pic of a Dungeons and Dragons character, like the one at left that we captured from a Wikimedia site online.


A panorama of Guelph, Ontario, south of Sudbury. Home to many smelters, it’s where you would shoot a “smeltie.” Scroll below for a shot of old Guelph City Hall.


Photo of a troll doll.


Shot of the Netherlands city of Delft — or of the famous blue and white ceramicware you will find there.


A photo taken at the once-great Boston Garden, home of the once-great NBA team.


Pic of a puppy.


A museum-quality smartphone photo of a Medieval chastity device.


Pic of a check, as in a check you deposit digitally to the bank. Use interchangeably with “chelfie”, “wealthie” or “geltie.”


A smartphone pic capturing one of Santa’s little helpers, instead of the usual shot of the fat man.

And then there’s …


Photographic evidence for use in an assault and battery trial.


Scenic shot of seaweed washed up on a beach, not to be confused with dog breed of same name. See below.
At left, a lovely image of seaweed that washed up on a beach due east of the old Boston Garden. Wikimedia Commons. It’s not a Kelpie proper, but you get the idea.

For, I’m John Barry.

Below find old Guelph City Hall …
Image credit: Wikipedia