IT Guy vs Stupid Sales Guy Video, Viewer Discretion Advised

Written by Joy Ma

It’s a bit … ribald. But man, if you’re an IT guy, it’s hard not to love the IT Guy vs Stupid Sales Guy video. Strong language. Viewer discretion advised. — I work in a corporate  IT department — in the trenches, as they say. When a user asks you, “How do I get on the Internet without AOL” and starts cursing at you when you try to answer, I mean, hey. You only can take so much. The IT Guy vs Stupid Sales Guy video is priceless. Viewer discretion advised, heavy adult language throughout.

Source: Stownplayer via YouTube

You know, it’s called trenches for a reason. That’s because we’re at times at war with the users we support — and even with one other. This video says it all. If you work in tech and don’t mind a bit of ribald humor, this video is for you. Caution: This video contains adult language not appropriate for family viewing or work viewing. Please use discretion. And try not to laugh your arse off if you do have clueless users like the one featured around.