Hidden Costs of Facebook: Female Depression? (video of the week)

Hidden Costs of Facebook? According to this short video that collects data from such sources as Stanford, female depression is a hidden cost of Facebook …

aNewDomain.net — There are hidden costs to Facebook, according to folks collecting data on its use and abuse, as part of the so-called Hidden Costs series. This is a great, short and ultra informative video with a lot of data to back it up.

For instance, based on Stanford University researchers, female Facebook users tend to report feeling depressed as a result of their perception, based on Facebook status reports, that their Facebook friends are leading happier, successful lives than they are. On the flip side, another study finds that the use of Facebook in the workplace — gender regardless — improves employee morale.  And there are surprising reasons why that is. Interesting. Check out The Hidden Costs of Facebook video — it’s short but stat-packed — below.

Source: Hidden Costs of Facebook

Image of German propaganda experts meeting during World War II: Wikimedia Commons