Intellectual Ventures vs Motorola Mobility: Court Documents Here

Written by Gina Smith

As the Intellectual Ventures vs Google Motorola Mobility trial kicks off, check out exhibit lists, witness lineups and the full complaint here. — Our legal beat team, led by our IP expert and attorney Tom Ewing, will be covering the Intellectual Ventures vs Google Motorola Mobility landmark patent infringement trial for you as it unfolds. In the meantime, scroll below to find court docs relevant to the case that’s starting in Delaware now.

Here is the patent infringement complaint Intellectual Ventures filed against Motorola Mobility in Delaware, where the case is coming to trial. It also has filed in Florida.

For a listing of exhibits Google Motorola Mobility and Intellectual Ventures plan to present, scroll below the fold. Also scroll down to see the voir dire docs and a list of witnesses that will appear at the trial.

Google Motorola Mobility defense exhibits by Gina Smith

Here’s the exhibit list Google has filed. These are exhibits Google Motorola Mobility plans to present at trial in its defense against the patent infringement suit from patent aggregator Intellectual Ventures. Notice that one of the exhibits is an October 2011 email from IV and ex Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold to Google chief Larry Page. This email came after Google execs told aNewDomain and ComputerWorld that it was breaking from the group of tech titans that back IV because they believed IV founding members Microsoft and Apple might come after Google Android.

Motorola Exhibit List for Intellectual Ventures vs Google Motorola Mobility patent infringement trial.

Here’s the list of exhibits from Intellectual Ventures. IV will bring these exhibits to the trial in the patent aggregator’s landmark case against Google’s Motorola Mobility.

Intellectual Ventures Exhibit List

Here’s the Voir Dire document prospective jurors will see in the Delaware case, one of two cases. Within you’ll see the list of witnesses scheduled to appear at trial.