How to Use Google Glass: Google Kicks Off Video Manual, Channel

Written by Gina Smith — When Google posted on April 30th its How To Use Google Glass video manual for its upcoming Google Glass product, some really interesting things were in the reveal. But you ain’t seen nothing yet. And have you considered our co-founder and my colleague John C. Dvorak’s argument that the whole thing is a hoax?

But few folks noticed that the video marked the very first video published on the Google Glass YouTube channel. In just an hour, thousands subscribed.

First, here’s the manual. We know you’re interested. Let us know what you think.  Scroll below the fold for other Google Glass videos and more commentary as we develop this story.

Source: Project Glass channel on YouTube — this is Project Glass YouTube channel’s first video, above. Fitting.

Here’s a shot I took showing that the Project Glass YouTube channel used this How To Use Google Glass video as its very first post on the new Project Glass channel.

Credit: Screenshot by Gina Smith for