How To: Hide Apple TV Channels You Never Use

Written by Brian Burgess

Apple TV set top box users, you’ll like this. Clean up that messy UI. Here’s a sneaky tip for How To hide Apple TV channels you never use from Brian Burgess. Easy. — As rumors around the forthcoming official Apple TV keep circulating, Apple has added a ton of channels to its so-called experimental Apple TV set top box. I’ve been testing it. And the truth is, the system is starting to get a bit messy. There’s too many channels. The interface is wrong. You shouldn’t need to scroll through a bunch of channels you never watch. So why not clean up your device by hiding the useless channels you never use. Here’s How To hide Apple TV channels and clean that messy UI up.

The commands to hide Apple TV channels are there, but they’re hidden in an odd part of the Apple TV menu.

Start your Apple TV and head to Settings > General > Restrictions.


You don’t need to turn on Restrictions. But do scroll down to the list of channels that are on the device.

Then simply hit the Home button on your remote to toggle them to Hide.

If you want to make a channel show up again, simply go back and switch it to Show.


That’s all there is to it. After you’re done go back to the main screen. Voila. You’ve got a cleaner interface. And you’ve successfully figured out how to hide Apple TV channels you never watch. Now you can show this tip to your friends.

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Check out my Apple TV home screen after I cleaned up all of the channels I never use. Pretty nice, huh?

Apple TV Home Screen Cleaned Up

Bonus Tip:

If you want to rearrange the order in which the channels appear, select a channel, hold down the Home button until it wiggles, and then move it around. The process is very similar to rearranging icons on an Apple iPhone or iPad.

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