29 Ways to Get More Creative [video]

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Written by Gina Smith

Creativity is a practice. This video has 29 tips to help you spark that creative insight.

aNewDomain — Creativity manifests in many ways, but you can hone it by continually pursuing small and large activities. Bring these activities to the forefront of your daily life, and you’ll find an immensely more creative existence. Some examples? Carry a notepad and write notes everywhere. Try stream of conscious writing. Make lists and take breaks.

One of my professors specializes in creative studies. She says that work classifies as creative when it’s both original and meaningful, which means it is subjective to your personal experience. Check out the video infographic below for 29 quick tips to enhance your creativity. And remember, being open and persistent is the key.

Video: 29 Ways to Stay Creative via To-Fu.tv

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Featured image: On Creativity by Linus Bohman via Flickr