Havoc Deploy! Global Assault [review]

general assault review
Written by Puching Zhang

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aNewDomainPuching-Zhang-anewdomain – If you’re into awesome strategy games, you might want to take a close look at “Global Assault,” a game designed by the giant online gaming hosting site, Kongregate. I did. Here’s my review.

Global Assault” is a turn-based strategy/role playing game (RPG). There are two bases — you and your opponent’s — and you each deploy troops along four different lanes. The goal is to destroy all your opponent’s troops or to destroy their base. With every turn you deploy one troop or vehicle. And in every turn, they attack.

global assaultBecause both sides contain the same basic roster, “Global Assault” requires chess-like strategy. Like chess, you and your opponent just move your units around the battlefield until they find the right opportunity to attack.

I was impressed with 3D graphics and the epic Risk-like game board in “Global Assault.” I also liked its cool RPG-like element, which lets players upgrade his or her units at will. Upgrades give you an advantage in battle because they’ll improve battle performance.

Another nice feature is that the player also has the option of fusing two units together to build far stronger units. In this way the game sort of mimics a tech tree.

general assault review base

Kongregate did a fairly brilliant job in this fusing of a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements. Even though the strategy mechanics in turn-based systems like this are chess-like, the upgrading system lets you quickly gain an advantage through strengthened units. This adds a whole new dimension to the game.

The game sounds complicated, but really, it isn’t. In fact, it starts out kind of easy. The AI doesn’t really put up much of a fight early on, though it does get harder to beat as the game progresses.

Also, the battle locations change as you move through the game, which does a lot toward minimizing its naturally repetitive nature.

general assault review

“Global Assault” has an awesome multiplayer mode that pairs a single player with other players from around the globe. Players can join guilds, too, which function as alliances and provide various perks, like more battle credits or faster upgrade speeds. Successful players increase the rank and prestige of a guild by building up its members, which is as it should be.

Bottom line: I give “Global Assault” an eight out of 10. It combines the simplicity of a classic turn-based game with the cool features of a conventional RPG. It’s epic.

It’s so good, in fact, that I won’t be alone in hoping that Kongregate has more games up its sleeve.

“Global Assault” is free to download for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS.  I highly recommend it to any turn-based strategy gamers looking for something new.

For aNewDomain, I’m Puching Zhang.

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All Screenshots: Puching Zhang courtesy of Kongregate