Google Translate vs Human Translation: The Test [infographic]

Google Translate vs Human Translators infographic
Written by Gina Smith

The latest version of Google Translate is awesome, we think. But how close is it to matching the abilities of actual humans? Check out this Google Translate vs. human translation test. Infographic.

aNewDomain — Here’s some creative thinking for you. Now that Google has released the long-awaited upgrade of its Google Translate application, folks at the Verbal Ink language translation firm wondered how Google Translate compares with human translation now, in 2015.

Big changes in Google Translate include visual and audio translation functions in addition to the “type anything” function it has become famous for. Verbal Ink, for its part, doesn’t offer image translation but it does do audio translation and document translation — by humans. Humans of course do a better job getting to the bottom of idioms and various cultural and linguistic nuances, but how much better? Admittedly, this wasn’t a completely objective test run by a completely uninterested party, but the test is still awfully intriguing.

For the test, Verbal Ink pitted two human Spanish translators (Adriana and Gaby) against the latest version of Google Translate in a two-part test. The first test involved translating a promotional Argentinian document about beekeeping from Spanish to English. The second test required translating one minute of Spanish audio into English. Scroll below the fold to test yourself and your company with the original test files and to enter in your results. Click to enlarge.

google translation vs human translation 2015

Google Translate vs. human translation infographic:

Want to try this out yourself? Here are the links you’ll need to do it:


Bottom line: Human translators won’t fit in your pocket, it’s true, but this test showed humans were still the better translators, which is kind of what we would have expected. Will Google Translate someday be able to replace professional human translation?

Ya se verá.

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For aNewDomain, I am Gina Smith.