Golden Years: Don’t Slow Down. Do This Instead …

in shape at 65 golden years
Written by aNewDomain Staff

Some people might think you’re getting on in years, but you know better. Your adventure has just started.

You’re not about to settle into a rocking chair and knit. You want to wander beaches, travel the world, make glue-and-yarn crafts with your grandchildren. If you’re past age 65, then you’re in your golden years, and you know a new chapter of your life has just begun.

If, like many of your peers, you’ve retired, then you have new time on your hands. The question is, how do you want to fill it? The fun of retirement is finally getting to do what you want, so what tickles your fancy? Make a list of all the things you’ve wanted to see, do, or study.

There needn’t be anything unsettling or boring about the first months of retirement transition. You just have to learn to reschedule your time, finding daily tasks that bring your day, week, and month meaning. Many of your peers have chosen to volunteer at museums, ministries, or non-profits.

Many join clubs or specialized groups to keep their social interactions ticking along. If you stay involved, with just the right amount of activity and leisure, you’ll get the most satisfaction out of your new freedom.

Now is the time to invest in you. If you chose to have children, they are probably grown and you’re experiencing what psychologists say is a whole new era of life. Translation: You once again have the freedom and wide open spaces of your early twenties.

No wonder study after study shows you’re in the happiest age group.

While your body may be slowing down, you don’t have to give up any of the comforts you’ve been enjoying. Consider adding a walk-in tub to your bathroom, simultaneously ensuring your safety and increasing your comfort! Now that you have more time on your hands, maybe you’d like to experiment with healthy cooking. Who says amazing food can’t also be good for you?

Maybe it’s time to hear your grandchildren a little more clearly: whether you live in Washington or New Jersey, there are great hearing aid options available to you.

and-brand-landAnyone who tells you you’ve got to slow down is missing a few marbles. While it’s true that a lot of the things that used to bring your life satisfaction–career, growing children–have transitioned, so have you. But rather than living a life void of satisfaction, your life is now a landscape of possibility. Like your peers, you’re likely relishing this chance to build something new.

Life doesn’t have to be ordinary or mundane moving forward; you can join your peers in being the happiest age group. A satisfying life is yours for the discovering.

Happy trails!