Biggest April Fool’s Prank Ever: Global Warming Hoax Explained

global warming hoax
Written by Gerry Tardner

The same scientists behind the U.S. Moon Landing Hoax and the Tobacco Causes Cancer Hoax were behing the Global Warming Hoax, kicked off on April 1, 1986. Here’s how they pulled it off.

aNewDomain — Climate change a hoax? You got it.

Just when we thought the news couldn’t get any weirder, scientists confess the Republicans who deny climate change are right. According to the scientist interviewed on The Hot Seat, below, what is now known as the Global Warming Hoax was kicked off in 1984 as an elaborate April Fools Day prank back in 1986.

Sources at the NRDC and Sierra Club report that both environmental groups have hired experts to comb through the video to determine if the confessing scientists were coerced or heavily medicated to make this Global Warming Hoax confession video. But the initial analysis is that the video is authentic and polar bears can be taught to act like they are hungry and exhausted after a lengthy swim.

Although the scientist in the video is not well known, she reportedly dated Stephen Hawking when he was between wives.

Stay tuned for further coverage of the NRDC and Sierra Club’s investigation. Interestingly, the scientist in the video below says she is part of an underground group of prankster scientists who were also behind the Tobacco Causes Cancer Hoax of 1964 and the U.S. Moon Landing Hoax of 1969.

Global Warming Hoax exclusive: Next Gen Climate YouTube Channel

It’s a bitter pill for liberals to swallow but it appears the conservatives were right all along. It’s normal for a sudden chill to hit Dallas in July, and polar bears like to swim great distances. Sources report that Robert Redford burst into tears at the news. His wife Siblie reports he is talking about running away to Bolivia where everyone is welcome.

For aNewDomain, I’m Gerry Tardner.