Freeware Friday: Stitcher for Android

stitcher for android
Written by Becket Morgan

Access thousands of podcasts and radio shows with the ease of an app. Stitcher is a great option for the podcast listener on the go.

aNewDomain — With more than 40,000 podcasts and radio shows available on demand, it’s easy to see why Stitcher is one of the most popular podcast apps out there. You can stream the latest episodes straight to your smartphone or tablet, or download to listen later.

stitcherThe app lets you “stitch” together your favorite shows into a customized playlist, or you can choose from one of Stitcher’s pre-set stations, like the Top 20 News and Politics shows. The search features make it quick and easy to find something new based on your listening preferences.

Want to know what shows are most popular with Stitcher listeners? Check out The Stitcher List, a real-time guide for what people are listening to. Right now, the top five are: “This American Life,” “Marketplace,” “Radiolab from WNYC,” “Freakonomics Radio” and “NPR: News.” I tend to think that if a show has made it to the top five worldwide, I’m willing to add it to my list and give it a try.

For those not indoctrinated in the wonders of podcast, Stitcher is a great place to start exploring. There are hours — thousands of hours, really — of free, insightful and riveting stories out there. One of the most popular podcasts this past year was “Serial,” an episodic investigation of a decades old murder.

Overall, Stitcher will likely have a show or channel for anything you are interested in, and might even teach you something new.

Stitcher is available free for Android on Google PlayApple iOS devices or on your PC.

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