Freeware Friday: Greenify for Android

Freeware Friday presents Greenify, the little app will put other apps to sleep, manage app functions and un-bog down your Android device. – I’ve had a dozen Android devices in half as many years — maybe more than a dozen. But as every experienced Android user knows, is a wonderful OS, app installation and performance bogs down over time. Here’s my review of the app Greenify, freeware that purports to solve this pesky problem.

With Android, the app bog issue is usually due to too many apps or too many resource-heavy apps running in the background. Applications like your music player or email drag on system resources as they require continuous updates and attention. The constant activity slows down your device and will end up depleting your battery.

Greenify Before Image
Greenify is a free app that works on any rooted Android device and gives you control over your phone’s unruly habits. And it’s my choice for this week’s Freeware Friday.

Greenify has a Hibernate mode that lets you choose what apps run in the background and what apps should stay completely silent. Other solutions, like task killers, end all function of a specified app. But Greenify gives you freedom and control to use your apps normally while cutting their background activity.

As you can see from my above screenshot, almost everything here I want to run in the background — with the exception of Astro File Manager. There is no need for it to run in the background.

Let’s hibernate it.

Here is a list of hibernated apps in the Greenify menu — it includes Astro FM. Quick and easy — just three taps on the keyboard and you’re finished. You can see that Astro FM is now in such fine company as Adobe Flash and Dropbox.

Greenify After Image

Greenify won’t solve all of the performance issues on your phone. But, as a free app that runs on any rooted Android device, it is definitely worth a look. Even for phones that run well, any process that saves battery life is worth exploring. You can download Greenify from Google play for free and then donate if you feel so inclined.

Image courtesy: Jeremy Lesniak

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