Ted Rall on The Baron of Botox: Victim of His Own Ageist Toxin

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Written by Ted Rall

The celebrity dermatologist and so-called Baron of Botox, Fredric Brandt, committed suicide Sunday. But Brandt, who should’ve known better, wore the expressionless, lineless face he helped popularize right up to his death.

aNewDomain — Celebrity dermatologist, Fredric Brandt, died Sunday. Known for his love of music, humor and the good life, Brandt started experimenting with Botox as a way to help AIDs patients deal with the waste of their facial muscles and feel better about themselves.

But then celebrity clients got on board. Botox went mainstream and now the lineless, expressionless look it fosters is a standard of beauty women need to pay to reach.

In the end, Botox has not made the world a better place. Even Brandt, the so-called “Baron of Botox” who should’ve known better, carried the same Botox look up until his death.

Fredric Brandt
Cartoon: Ted Rall exclusively for aNewDomain

For aNewDomain, I’m Ted Rall.