Fitbit: Check Your Pulse on Valentine’s Day

fitbit valentine's day
Written by David Michaelis

Fitbit can tell you if your Valentine’s Day date is the one. Just check your pulse. It’s love in the time of technology.

aNewDomain — Fitbit has a data center that measures all heartbeats at the same time. You can check your own beat during your blind date on Valentine’s Day (in the bathroom, of course). If your heart doesn’t show an irregular exciting reaction fluctuation, then your date is probably not for you. You should be able to notice the thump on your personal data — quite literally.

fitbit valentine's day

Flower” by Zach Copley via Flickr Creative Commons

The question is, will Fitbit energize that heart-thumping activity, like it did with weight loss?

valentine's day romantic quote

The Couple that Beats Together…

As far as an analysis of heart rate on Valentine’s Day goes, there’s another interesting phenomenon whereby couples regulate their heart rates to match each other almost exactly. This seems to be something that the woman in the relationship is able to do.

Scitable published research which showed that:

This graph shows something quite wonderful. It shows that in a couple, the heart rates of a man and woman are in sync. Yes, when you’re involved in a romantic relationship, your heart beats as fast as your partner’s.

“This couple was one of the 32 heterosexual couples in a study conducted by physiologies at UC Davis in the US that aimed to see if people in romantic relationships co-regulated their physiologies with their partners. By co-regulated, read change; by physiologies, read heart rates.”

Here’s the couple-merging graph.

valentine's day couple matching heart beat

Image Courtesy of Scitable

Are you ready to read your Fitbit results as a measurement of your romantic excitement, or lack thereof?
If you are a believer in binary information as a source for romantic love, you are not a real geek! At least feel your pulse when he or she shows up for the date — any difference?

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