Edward Snowden Verax Film Live on YouTube, Viewable Here

Written by Gina Smith

That didn’t take long. The Edward Snowden movie Verax is up on YouTube. Hong Kong film makers posted the short on YouTube, scooping authors and film makers everywhere.

aNewDomain.net — As the movie and book pitches around NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden continue to pile up in New York, Los Angeles, London and elsewhere, some film makers in China have wasted zero time coming up with a fast and dirty — and short — Edward Snowden documentary on their own.

On YouTube. Of course.

Watch the short Edward Snowden Verax movie below. It’s based, the Hong Kong film makers say, on events around Edward Snowden’s arrival in Hong Kong upon fleeing the United States. Find more details on Verax below the fold.

Edward Snowden Verax Video via: JShotVideo

The  Hong Kong film makers created “Verax” based on events surrounding Edward Snowden’s arrival in Hong Kong — judge for yourself the events as the producers present them.

The word Verax is Latin for “one who tells the truth.” According to the film makers:

We are a band of independent and amateur filmmakers in Hong Kong who were both excited and puzzled as to why Snowden chose to come to Hong Kong …”

Judge “Verax” for yourself.  For more on the film, check out this article at TubeFilter.