Donald Trump Opposition Research Hack: He “Doesn’t Believe in Heaven”

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Written by aNewDomain Staff

A 200+ page document that seems to be the Donald Trump opposition research compiled by the DNC was released online today. Read it here in full.

aNewDomain — Last week, a 200 plus page document that appears to be the same as the Donald Trump opposition book hacked from Democratic National Committee computers appeared online today.

You can read it for yourself in full, below. In the book, apparently created by Democratic strategist Warren Flood, you’ll find all the typical Trumpish complaints: He’s a “bad businessman,” a “misogynist” and was once accused of rape by ex-wife Ivana Trump. (Those charges were later dropped.) There isn’t a lot of new big nuggets of information here, but in the document intriguing little details. One has to do with Trump’s idea of heaven and his place in it.

The document was originally leaked to The Smoking Gun, and now appears on a site, along with other docs allegedly grabbed in the hack. The post and site are credited to Guccifer 2, a play on the name of an imprisoned Ukranian hacker. Read the doc in full below.

Update: Since this story ran, the Guccifer 2 site added more documents it claims is part of the hack. Find those here.

Read the 200 pages alleged to be the 200 page DNC opposition file below — if the first page is blank, just scroll down.

Donald Trump Opposition Research Book