Divide and Conquer: Glory of Generals for Android [review]

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Written by Puching Zhang

It’s a surprisingly good World War II strategy game. Here’s Puching Zhang’s Glory of Generals for Android review.

aNewDomainPuching-Zhang-anewdomain — I want the 15th Panzer Division to move east rapidly and link up with the Ramcke Parachute Brigade holding a key British supply depot. With the liberated British gas, Cairo will be in my sights next. The real Rommel never worried Montgomery this much.


It’s Puching Zhang here with another mobile World War II strategy game review. This time, it’s the next glorious (pun definitely intended) addition by EasyTech: Glory of Generals. Yes, it’s from the developer responsible for World Conqueror 2. Now, before you guys accuse me again of being a World War II fanatic that is always reviewing cheap rehash games, I’ll admit that straight out. But know that I was at first reluctant to give this game a review. I thought EasyTech has just released a new version of World Conqueror 2 with Glory of Generals. Then I played it, and found it to be way more detailed and a lot better made than its spiritual predecessor.

What makes the game so good? Let’s find out. Here’s my Glory of Generals for Android review.

For the Glory

glory of generals for android review scenariosThe premise of Glory of Generals is simple: There’s a campaign mode that covers four theaters of war, three historical and one fictional, called the Antarctic War. Yes, it’s fictional! No matter what the conspiracy theories say, the Nazis didn’t build a base on Antarctica. Per usual, in each theater the player can choose to be either the Axis or the Allies.

The game is standard up to this point, but now it gets good. In each theater there are roughly 10 scenarios, some of which cover relatively obscure campaigns of the war, like Operation Weserbung, the German invasion of Scandinavia.

Each scenario has both historically accurate generals and deployment, which makes for awesome gameplay and cool historical stuff.

glory of generals for android review rundstedtAside from campaign, there’s also Legion Mode, which lets you pick a select number of scenarios to play through. Some are taken from the campaign, while others are just a classic real-time strategy deployment with every country in the game. What differentiates Legion Mode from the campaign is that you can play on any side in these scenarios, and there’s no turn limit.

Legion Mode can be very fun to play, as it gives challenging options for veteran players, like playing as Poland in the blitzkrieg scenario. The only downside to this is that each theater has to be unlocked in order, so you can’t play North Africa until you finish the Western Front.


In terms of gameplay Glory of Generals doesn’t operate on “Risk” mechanics — holding territory isn’t the main aim of the game. It plays more to the Nintendo DS game Advance Wars where, instead of holding territory, the player’s goal is to take the opponent’s bases.

glory of generals for android review generalYou have four types of bases in the game: cities, factories, ports and airports. You can use them to build your armed forces, except for airports, where you instead launch airstrikes and drop airborne units. Territory doesn’t generate resources either, only your bases do in this game, so holding onto them is more important than anything.

While it doesn’t have the real-time cutscenes that World Conqueror 2 does, Glory of Generals gameplay is very smooth and it does have cool action features when units attack. The graphics are quite nice for mobile standards, and the sheer amount of historical generals is just awesome.

The Bottom Line:

After my in depth Glory of Generals for Android review, I give it a nine out of 10. This is a great game and, while I could ask for more cut scenes during the fighting, there isn’t very much that this game leaves you wanting.The historical detail is amazing, the gameplay is well done and there’s no lack of national playability. The fact that you can play as any nation in any Legion Mode scenario is an A-plus in my book.

Glory of Generals is free to play for a limited time. So grab it if you want it. It is available on Google Play for AndroidApple iOS and Windows Phone. I highly recommend it to any real-time strategy game fans out there.

For aNewDomain, I’m Puching Zhang.

Image Credits: EasyTech and Google Play