Dino Hunter Deadly Shores: Freeware Wednesday

Written by Zelalem Kebede

Today’s freeware pick is Dino Hunter Deadly Shores for Android. Check it out here.

aNewDomain — Glu Games’ Dino Hunter Deadly Shores is my choice this week for Freeware Wednesday. In the game, now available on Google Play and on iTunes, you’re hunting giant reptiles in the Jurassic Age. You get a lot of action, exotic locales and amazing graphics. And it’s designed especially for tablets.

In the game, you hunt down dinosaurs and use weapons like rocket launchers or crossbows. There’s a built-in shooter challenge so you can practice your skills.

The best thing about this first person shooter? It’s free. Click here for hacks.

Find Dino Hunter Deadly Shores here for Apple iOS devices and here at Google Play for the Android version. And check out the trailer below.

For aNewDomain, I’m Zola Kebede. See you tomorrow.

Image at left: Courtesy Glu Mobile