Cole Smithey’s Movie Week: Gaspar Noe’s “Love”

gaspar noe love review
Written by Cole Smithey

“Love” is a 3D sexploitation movie made by Gaspar Noe. But what’s Noe thinking? Check out renowned film reviewer Cole Smithey’s take right here.

aNewDomaincole-smithey — The pornographic “Love” is a 3D sexploitation movie made by a filmmaker unaware of the genre that he’s working in. And there is not a single sympathetic character in this movie. What’s Gaspar Noe thinking? Check my short video review here for clips.

My sleeper pick this week is “Room.” My guilty pleasure pick is “Nasty Baby,” and my must-have DVDs to get this week are “Eaten Alive,” “Sunset Edge” and “Julien Duvivier In The Thirties.”
As for “Love,” I give it a D.
For aNewDomain, I’m Cole Smithey.