Cole Smithey’s Movie Week — Dark Star: HR Giger’s World review

HR Giger
Written by Cole Smithey

On the latest episode of Cole Smithey’s Movie Week, Cole reviews “Dark Star: HR Giger’s World.” He gives this new documentary an “A.” Here’s why.

aNewDomain — HR Giger (pronounced ghee-gur) was a true artistic genius of the 20th and 21st centuries. His innately original “biomechanical” visual style contributed to the “Alien” sci-fi movie franchise that director Ridley Scott launched in 1979. Here’s my “Dark Star: HR Giger’s World” review below. I give this outstanding documentary an unqualified “A.”
 My sleeper pick this week is “10,000 Saints.” My guilty pleasure pick this week is “The Gift.” And my must-have DVD picks are “Agnes Varda in California,” “La Grande Bouffe” and “Kaboul Kitchen.”
Enjoy your movie week. For aNewDomain and BMod, I’m Cole Smithey.